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Litepanels’ newest LED panel can deliver both full-spectrum white light and all the colors in the color wheel. The Gemini 1×1 weighs in at 11.7 pounds and has a maximum power draw of 200W. It’s dimmable from .1 to 100 percent without flickering or loss of color consistency, according to Litepanels. There are four lighting modes: CCT Mode for true daylight and tungsten with additional fine tuning; an HSI Mode to create colors; a Gel Mode to dial up many popular gels in seconds; and an Effects Mode for creating—you guessed it—effects. The Gemini supports DMX, wireless DMX and Bluetooth for remote control.

The petite AIR delivers 400 LUX of daylight-balanced light at 1M with a 60-degree beam angle. You’ll enjoy a CRI of 90. The AIR weighs 2 ounces and is waterproof to a depth of 30 feet. It offers Bluetooth remote control, where users can control light intensity, light mode (continuous or flash) as well as view battery life and more. Brightness is adjustable from 0-100 percent. As for mounting options, the AIR boasts a built-in magnet, plus a 1/4-20 thread insert. Unlike the original, the AIR includes white and orange diffusers. You’ll also find a charging cable and a lanyard in the box.

Savage Universal’s newest LED ring light offers something few competitive products have offered to date: colors. The 17-inch RGB Ring Light can display 360 RGB colors and has an adjustable color temperature from 2700-10,000K. It has a 12-inch diameter opening with a shoe mount and ball head for placing on your camera. A built-in LCD display reads out power level, color temp, battery life and RGB color status. The RGB Ring Light has Bluetooth, so you can pair it with your smartphone and use the Savage Light Manager app to remotely control light functions, including programming light pulses to ambient sounds or music and creating light patterns like strobes or pulses.

The Wasp 100-C LED can deliver light output equivalent to a 400-750 watt incandescent bulb while drawing just 75 watts of power. It can run off of a battery or AC outlet and delivers a full spectrum of color with both hue and saturation controls. The light spreads out 180 degrees when not modified. Speaking of which, the Wasp natively mounts Profoto modifiers, with adapters for other third-party modifiers. You’ll enjoy a CRI up to 98 and a TLCI of up to 97 and dimming from 0-100 percent. Color temperature is adjustable between 1650-8000K and there’s Bluetooth to support remote control via a mobile app for iOS devices.

Westcott has updated its flexible LED mat with a wider color gamut so you can now set the lights to any value across the entire color spectrum. You’ll enjoy a CRI of 97 and 1800 Lux output at 3 feet. The Cine Mat is also flicker-free for high frame-rate videos up to 960 fps. You can mount the Cine Mat using the grommets in all four corners. Those corner edges are also magnetized if you want to pop them onto a metallic surface. The mats are weather-resistant, measure 1/3-inch thick and weigh under 3 pounds. They’re available in 1 x 1 or a 1 x 2-foot sizes. Wireless dimmers, battery packs and extension cables are available as accessories.

This LED floodlight can deliver 4275 lux at 3-feet of daylight-balanced light from 160 LEDs—the equivalent of a 750W tungsten bulb without the face-melting heat. It has a CRI of 96 and stepless dimming from 0 to 100 percent. The Tota casts a 65-degree beam without diffusion or a 100-degree spread with diffusion. It has a slot for umbrella modifiers and an auto-sensing power supply. The enclosure includes barn doors and the light ships with a yoke, V-mount attachment strap and a carrying case.

With a water-resistant design and Bluetooth remote control, the Lykos works as well in the field as it does in the studio. When not connected to AC power, the Lykos can run off of a pair of Sony L-type or Canon LP-E6 batteries. Color temperature is adjustable from 3500-6500 with a CRI of >95. It’s dimmable from 0-100 percent and a diffuser is included.

If you need illumination under the waves, the LitraPro can be dunked in up to 90 feet of water. It pumps out 1200 lumens with a CRI of 95 and a 70-degree beam angle. The LitraPro can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth and a mobile app and is dimmable from 0-100 percent. Color temperature is adjustable from 3000-6000K. You’ll enjoy about 45 minutes of operation at max power. 

This bi-color LED has a CRI rating of 98.6 at 5500K and 97+ across a color temperature range of 2800-6500K. The LED delivers an output of 12,000 lumens, which is equivalent to a 650W halogen or 100W HMI light. The light is compatible with existing Broncolor modifiers and features a built-in spot-to-flood mechanism. Broncolor says the light is designed to be a pointed source that’s more easily modified than rival LED panels. It’s dimmable in 1/10 stop increments down to 10 percent power.

The second generation, ultra-compact LED now offers spectrum-based LUTs that you can apply to your footage to improve color accuracy. It’s flicker-free up to 10,000 fps and delivers a TLCI of 96 percent and a CRI of 95. An optional stand lets you transform the Relio2 into a desk lamp. A stand can mount up to five lights. The lights can be controlled via Bluetooth. Unlike RGB+W lights, the Relio2 LEDs are calibrated to deliver a single consistent color and are sold in 3500, 4000 and 5700K, plus yellow, red, green and blue, full IR and UV versions.

The SkyPanel delivers light across a 105-degree beam angle, in a soft, uniform field. It is adjustable from 2800-10,000K and dimmable from 0 to 100 percent. You can access the full RGB+W color gamut with controls to adjust hue and saturation and 19 lighting effects. The SkyPanel has a CRI of >95 and TLCI of >90.  Wireless DMX is built in as is a battery input, LAN port and USB-A port for firmware upgrades. The SkyPanel is available in several models that vary by size. The S60, pictured above, is a mid-range model with a light aperture of 645 x 300 mm. 

K 5600’s revamped Jokers now offer wireless DMX control, a three-way axis yoke and a redesigned lens holder. The Joker2 400W Kit includes a 400-Watt Joker head with a 25-foot cable, wireless DMX control, Beamer optical accessory, multiple lenses, a 5600K lamp, single and double scrims, four-leaf barn door, and a carrying case, among other accessories.

These LED Strip Lights are designed to cover both large areas and narrow strips by adjusting the included barn doors. The fixtures can be used at any angle or direction with multiple options for mounting and positioning. The Acies Pro has a 95 CRI and is sold in 32- and 48-inch long sizes.

Designed to be used as an overhead fixture for product and portrait work, the F3 can be remotely controlled via DMX and delivers an adjustable color temperature from 2600 to 6000K. There are two versions of the F3, one that measures 5 x 5 feet and one that measures 5 x 10 feet. The F3 kit includes a high-quality LiteGear LED panel with a CRI and TLCI of >95 and a padded duffle bag to carry it all in.

Anthem One is built around interchangeable LED light cards that can be swapped out by the user depending on their needs, with cards to optimize for brightness, high CRI and more. This system not only ensures greater flexibility but a bit of future-proofing as well—when newer LEDs are produced, they can be added to the Anthem One by replacing the older cards. And, when the LEDs die, just the card can be replaced—not the entire light. A Mark II edition of the light was in the works when this went to press but details were not available.

Available in both bi-color and RGB+W editions, the ultra-portable SkyFiller draws power from either V-mount batteries or an AC adapter. The bi-color version of the light has an adjustable color temperature of 2800-6500K, while both models include a carrying case, remote control and diffuser.

The NanLite LitoLite 8F is a compact, focusable LED fresnel designed for on-camera use. The beam can be adjusted from 0-60 degrees with a color temperature range of 3200-6500k. There’s an integrated filter holder for up to three 65 x 70mm filters. The light ships with a pair of filters (warm and cool), plus barn doors and a case. It delivers up to 560 lumens of illumination and works with multiple power options including an AC adapter (sold separately), Sony NP-F style batteries (sold separately), or 6x AA batteries via an included adapter.

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