Looking for a brand new cordless drill? We’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find the best cordless drills for any budget from the top drill brands, compared and reviewed by our resident tool expert.

Everybody knows the name DeWalt and their DCK240C2 is one of their best-selling drills. This series comes as a kit, complete with carrying case and a number of accessories you can opt into our out of, depending on your needs and budget. This kit comes standards with a cordless drill/driver combo and an impact driver. And you’ll never run out of juice with the (2) included 1.3 Ah battery packs.

Are you working in low-light? No worries—DeWalt’s drills come standard with a built-in LED light to help illuminate your work. With a 300-unit watt motor, both of these drills can be used for most applications. At the end of the day, you’re getting two extremely versatile drills that’ll last you and be an important part of your tool kit. DeWalt is one of the most trusted tool brands in the world, so it’s a win-win that you can find their products on Amazon.

BLACK + DECKER touts this drill as the perfect tool for minor tasks that involve wood, metal, and plastic. For many homeowners, that’s all we need in a drill. The lithium-ion battery is the standard 1.3 Ah variety. While the drill considers itself 20v, it’s actually “20v max” which functions more-or-less as a normal 20v power tool would but with less amperage and thus, less battery life.

The chuck can be used in 11 different positions, allowing the LDX120C to fit pretty much any drill bit you throw at it. Best of all, the drill supports variable speed and countersinking, minimizing the chances of damaging your project. This drill is the golden standard for “mid-range” cordless drills. It doesn’t break the bank, it’s not flush with cutting-edge features, and it’s not going out of its way to being more than it is—a good, budget-conscious drill.

The WORX WX176L is the kind of drill that makes you look handier than you are just by being seen holding it. It has a heavy-duty hand shield and a clever rotating dual chuck for easy and quick changing of your bit. The WX176L comes locked and loaded with a sturdy hard-shell case and a 67-piece accessory kit that should cover all of your bases.

The built-in LED light is nice and bright, and positioned right above the rotating chuck for optimal illumination. And the device’s electronic torque ensures you don’t damage what you’re working on due to stripping. This drill is a true workhouse and the kind of power tool you can proudly bring out of your bag to show clients or family members that you’re not some DIY hobbyist—you’re a builder and a fixer.

Craftsman is a company that used to be known for its reliability. They even made most of their products in the United States. Today, the company is more in line with the rest of the world’s power tool brands. They’re still well-known and trusted but much of what they’re known for is no longer relevant. However, their mid-range v20 is a trusted and popular cordless drill that many homeowners and builders are happy with.

Once again, this drill comes standard with a “20x max” rating, which is to say that it’s not a true 20v drill. But like the high-end DeWalt, this kit comes complete with a drill, an impact driver, a carrying case, and two 1.3 Ah batteries. This drill gives the DeWalt a run for its money and provides almost as many features. Best of all, you can charge one battery to 100% in one hour or less.

Bosch seems to have its hands in everything, from car parts, audio, and even power tools. And the Bosch CLPK232A-181 drill set is a powerful and robust duo to have in your toolbox. Their cordless drill and impact drivers are both true 18V, which Bosch explains house a “canned motor” that is more compact than normal 18V designs yet offers the same amount of torque. Truthfully, this kit is the Cadillac of drills—it looks great, it performs well, and it’s mostly to show off when you bring it out of the truck.

The kit comes with a durable canvas tote that matches the deep blue color scheme of both drills. And for the massive amount of power it sports, it’s still one of the most compact designs on the market. Bosch is a company that screams quality, and they’ve brought that same innovativeness and attention to detail to their CLPK232A-181 drill kit.

This Mertek cordless drill and impact driver set has many of the same features of their name brand counterparts. It even comes with a few features the bigger brands are missing, like a belt clip! And if you’re looking for a drill set with 2 batteries, LED lighting, and a quick-charging dock, then the Mertek cordless drill set will suit you just fine.

Who is Mertek? That’s probably the question you’re asking. But Amazon is known for selling power tools branded with names you’ve never heard of. Internally, many of the tools are indistinguishable from the brand-name variety, some are even made in the same manner and at the same factories as the DeWalt’s, Makita’s, and Bosch power tools. At the end of the day, it can be advantageous to let go of a brand name and take a chance of generic. After all, if the only thing different is the exterior, then you’re buying a solid cordless drill at a bargain.

Much like the Mertek, the KIMO is another great alternative to the more well-known power tools brands on the market. KIMO says it’s been in business for over 25 years, but if that’s the case, it hasn’t exactly made any ripples or word-of-mouth. But nonetheless, it’s a well-reviewed cordless drill that budget-conscious tool owners should look into.

Most of all, it does drilling and impact driving all as one unit, so there is no need to carry around an impact driver. The kit comes with 1 2.0Ah battery, a carrying case, a charger, and a multitude of bits for every task imaginable. KIMO is excited to advertise it’s “all-copper” motor, which they tout as lighter than a traditional motor and better at managing heat. With a 2-year warranty to boot, it makes sense to at least try out this drill—it will certainly surprise you with its versatility, even at its low price point.

The WORKPRO Pink cordless 20v drill is the kind of drill that might get you some stares when you bring it out of your toolbox. It’s true to its name—the cordless drill manufactured by WORKPRO is completely decked out in a pink and black motif. According to the product page, this drill is meant to be targeted at women.

Even if their marketing strategy may be a little eclectic, the cordless drill performs well and is decently priced. The drill comes complete with a 20V Max charger, 20V Max battery, an 11” tool bag and numerous other accessories to get the job done. Like all of the other drills of the WORKPRO Pink’s caliber, it comes with an LED light to illuminate your work surface. All in all, the WORKPRO Pink ranks in at slightly cheaper than other, similar fare and, if you don’t mind the pink, might be the best bang for your buck.

Where the FD07R1 stands alone is in its unique ergonomic shape. At just 6-1/16” long, it’s super compact for those hard to reach spaces where you need a drill. 

With the Makita FD07R1 12V max brushless, cordless driver-drill we’re back into name brand territory on Amazon. And the retail price is a good indication that Makita knows that their brand recognition converts to a higher price point. The FD07R1 is closer to the DeWalt in what it provides and the price point is competitive to that category of cordless drill.

And even with the battery attached, it weighs in at a paltry 2.4 pounds. With a truly brushless motor, the drill won’t heat up significantly nor will it throw out sparks with heavy use. Brushless is the way of the future—it’s more efficient, giving you longer battery life, and creates less wear on the tool. The Makita FD07R1 is innovative in both its brushless tech and its unique ergonomic shape.

Ryobi has cemented itself as the standard “budget option” any time you find yourself at the big box hardware stores. And while they’re happy to have cornered the budget market, they also seem intent on emerging again as a trusted and reliable name in the industry. The Ryobi ZRP1810 emerges as a budget-friendly yet reliable cordless drill.

The drill is elegantly compact—it seems to be the perfect size for most of our needs. And it is powered by a true 18V—they don’t try and dance around their power rating with things like “20V MAX”. Ryobi engineers have also thought of a clever design trick—they’ve added a patch of magnetized material at the foot of the drill for holding hardware and extra bits. Best of all, Ryobi has a refurbishment program, so you can buy a “like new” cordless drill at a fraction of the cost.

The M18 brushless and cordless drill is a compact and powerful design from a trusted brand. The name Milwaukee conjures up images of a simpler time when cans of beer still needed to be cracked open with a church key and the Burt Reynolds mustache was the most fashionable way for a dad to wear his facial hair. And while a lot has changed, the Milwaukee power tool company still wants you to feel that same sense of accomplishment your dad might have after completing a project. 

Brushless drills are the wave of the future—they simply just last longer in every aspect. And even though this drill is compact, don’t let its size full you. It sports a ½” chuck and a ratcheting sleeve that’ll take almost any drill bit. Best of all, Milwaukee’s REDLINK technology ensures that the drill turns itself off if it’s being overburdened, minimizing the risk of you damaging your tool. Milwaukee is a safe and innovative drill investment.

PORTER-CABLE is not a well-known name in the power tool market but they’ve been making waves lately with their high-performance tools that cost a fraction of what their competitors charge. The 20V MAX cordless drill has dual functionality as an impact driver and, even though it’s a full-sized drill, it only clocks in at 3.5 pounds. This drill comes with all of the standards—an LED light, a keyless chuck, and a 2-speed gearbox that will go all the way up to 1,500 RPM.

Even if you may not recognize the name, PORTER-CABLE makes a rugged and powerful cordless drill that other brands would charge over $100.00 for. It goes without saying that, as long as you’re willing to invest in a new company, that the 20V MAX drill by PORTER-CABLE would be a cost-effective choice. What you’re getting with this is exactly what’s advertised—nothing more and nothing less.

Hitachi is a Japanese company with a long reputation for reliability and power. Their DS18DGL 18V cordless drill is a product that matches its reputation. It’s a simple and reliable tool for your arsenal that won’t fail you. It doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of other drills, but the price point is competitive with other similarly powered drills in the market. Plus, Hitachi makes use of a robust refurbishment program, so you can get your hands on a refurbished cordless drill for even cheaper than the normal retail price.

Best of all, this drill is a true 18V drill and is more powerful than “20V Max” equivalents. A drill this powerful could ride on that facet alone but the DS18DGL also comes with a hard carrying case, an extra battery, and a drill bit set. If you want a drill that gives you a bit more power than average, then this one is for you.

The SKIL PWRCore 12 is a sleek and powerful looking drill with a striking red and black motif that makes it look like a Power Rangers prop. SKIL also asserts that, because of their innovative battery cooling technology, that their battery will last you 25% longer than average for its rating. More so, they claim that the drill will charge to 25% in just 5 minutes. SKIL seems to be leaning heavily into offering innovative power features because they also allow you to charge your drill via USB, so you can get a charge even when you’re on the go. For a slightly higher than average price point, you just get the drill, one battery, and a charger.

Makita is so good at making drills that they’re listed twice. What sets the Makita FD01ZW apart from other drills is in its ultra-compactness. It’s a tiny, tiny drill that could fit into the palm of a large man’s hand. The FD01ZW isn’t for everyone, but you can’t beat its size and durability. This is a great drill to throw into a small field kit or the perfect drill for that compact Brooklyn apartment.

Because it’s so small, it weighs only 2 pounds even with the battery. However, Makita does not include a battery with this model—you’ll need to buy it separately. For its size, this cordless drill is strangely powerful. But it’s not going to compare to a 20V drill, so make sure you know why you’re buying this if you choose to spring for it. Think of this drill as the “Little Engine that Could” of drills.

My vote goes to the Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill, which not only comes with a drill but also a 1/4 inch impact driver. It's super lightweight and has a great ergonomic design, so your hand is comfortable while you're using it. Most importantly, you can feel the power of its high performance motor.

The best 18v cordless drill you can buy on Amazon right now is the Bosch 18v CLPK232A-181—which comes with 2 batteries and an impact driver as well. This highly-rated drill comes from the Bosch brand, which is highly respected by weekend warriors.

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