There are plenty of firsts that deserve to be highlighted about the Punggol Northshore HDB development: It's Singapore's first smart-enabled housing precinct, has the first sea-front neighbourhood centre to be built in an HDB estate, and also the first-ever direct connection to a LRT station.

So, if you're making your first home there, we'd say that you're pretty lucky! And things are going to get even better because we've done your renovation homework for you by getting four professional interior design firms to share their (realistic) mock-ups for units of various sizes.

A quick note before you scroll on: If any of these 3D homes catches your fancy, don't hesitate to let us know and we'll help you get in contact with their designers!

2-room units at Punggol Northshore might have the same, standard layout as previous HDB developments at Canberra and Bukit Batok, but as this 3D example proves, that doesn't necessarily translate into a cookie-cutter look.

In addition to a comforting grey theme, The Local INN.terior also made sure to mix in a variety of textures and layers for visual appeal.

The combination of slatted wood wall panels and marble-look cladding creates an ultra-luxe vibe, which you would expect to find in a chic condominium studio, rather than a 2-room HDB flat.

Similar points of interest can be found in the entryway, dining area, and even the kitchen, which juxtaposes the raw, subtly powerful qualities of cement screed against the elegance of a marble-look backsplash.

Unlike its counterpart above, Aart Boxx Interior's take on the 2-room apartment features a much darker and cosier look that's perfect for its to-be occupant: a bachelor.

Lending texture to the dark, masculine colour scheme are subtle decorative accents, such as a faint herringbone-patterned feature wall in the living room.

Likewise, the kitchen is envisioned to be a dark, but nonetheless efficient space. Here, an L-shaped configuration ensures every essential appliance, big or small, has its own space.

Glass partitions have a key role to play in the overall design - for one, there's a see-through folding door that segregates the living room and sleeping areas, and the same goes for the bathroom, where a simple divider separates the wet and dry zones.

If 'bright and airy' best describes your idea of a dream home, you'll surely want to take a page from Fifth Avenue Interior's mock-up for a Punggol Northshore 4-room apartment; it might be an elaborate artist's impression, but it certainly gives a good idea of how to let natural light in to enhance the feeling of space.

In line with plans for the living area, the kitchen's concept features elegant bi-fold glass windows that bring the light in and keep the fumes out.

Also, when the panels are open, the countertop beside the sink can be used as a convenient breakfast/drinking bar.

Subtle as they may be, features such as a fluted glass panel (in the bedroom) and vertically-laid subway tiles (in the bathroom) are essential as they break up the monotony of a black-and-white colour scheme.

Like it or not, the Scandinavian-inspired/white-and-wood look is here to stay in the Singapore interior design scene, and this mock-up of a Punggol Northshore 5-room flat by Charlotte's Carpentry showcases exactly what makes it appealing to so many!

Both the depictions of the living room and study make one thing clear: the Scandinavian look is great for open-plan layouts as its emphasis on spaciousness clicks perfectly with the goal of eliminating all, if not most, of the barriers between two areas.

While a physical barrier does exist in the form of a partition that separates both communal zones, its half-wall design and clear windows ensure an unimpeded sightline in whichever room you are in.

5 Pieces Canvas Art

The same design philosophy extends to the kitchen, which showcases similar black trim windows as well as a doorless entrance that leads into the yard.

And while the master bedroom strays away from the concept (understandably for privacy reasons), it still manages to feel open with its L-shaped wardrobe/dresser that shields off only half of the bed.

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